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Wishing for a Bird shit...

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. – Michael Jordan

Last week I had dinner with good friends in the garden. After a delicious Pasta Pesto (not made by me) I leaned back, looked up into the beautiful blue sky feeling pleased with myself and curious on what’s to come?

High up in the sky, a Seagull flew right over my head and I said out loud; “Look at that Seagull up there, I wish it would leave a business card right on my forehead. I could really do with a little bit of luck”. The bird dissapeared, we laughed and somebody mentioned something about me being crazy….?


5 minutes later an insect smashed into my hair. Or so I thought …. it turned out to be A BIRD SHIT IN MY HAIR!

Now, that’s what I call happy go lucky 🍀

Keep trying and believe it!

Never stop dreaming! Visualise your goals and believe in yourself.


If you want it, you must believe in it and work hard for it. Have patience and understand that if you keep trying, others will eventually see you, hear you and collaborate with you one way or the other.

That goes for your customers as well, if you have been chasing a customer for far too long (from your perspective) don’t give up and don’t give in, because your customer’s perspective is different from yours.


Since 2014, I have been chasing a specific customer; 4-6 times a year I have sent him an email and/or checked him out on LinkedIn (just so he remembers me). I could have giving up on him long ago, but I am convinced that my product will be useful for him sooner or later.

My believe eventually payed off, because he has just sent me an email asking for my assistance on two projects 👍

Untill you get a clear NO – it’s a YES or MAYBE.

Wish for it – and you shall have it!

For me, this week has already started off better than I could have hoped for;

I have met wonderful people
Been introduced to interesting opportunities
I feel motivated and inspired to explore what’s to come

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