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Take Control of your Presentation & Customer Meeting

Quick guide on how to gain CONTROL over a situation by identifying your ROLE and your GOAL. Use it in your preparation for presentations and customer meetings.

Identifying our ROLE, gives us the confidence to use the push pull factor in the right situations

Taking responsibility for the GOAL, and owning it now and in the future

Empower both our self-esteem and our self-confidence to gain CONTROL



Take responsibility of the consequences of your role, whatever they might be
Have the power and the confidence to both provide and ask for assistance when needed
Detect the possibilities of when to push and pull to achieve the best result



You must see yourself as the only responsible and no one else, it’s just you!
Become one with the goal and be ready to face all consequences – good or bad!
Own it in the present and use all your senses to follow it into the future!



This will give you self-esteem to manage the overall situation, obstacles and criticism.
It will also give you self-confidence to believe that you can do the job

Self-esteem:   The degree of how much we value ourselves
Self-confidence:   The degree of how much we value our abilities

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