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Business Coaching

Business Coaching opens for new learning and insight in own potential, which benefit the business.

You become conscious of the unconscious and activate the creative intelligence. This increases your competences and ownership, both on a professional and personal level.

It's time for Coaching when;

You have all the answer without knowing it,
– in that case we coach you!

You are looking for answers to your questions,
– in that case we spare with you!

With Coaching as a tool, we will in collaborate with you discover interesting opportunities to explore. This gives you room to process thoughts and  ideas with us as a neutral Coach/Mentor.

Your coaching program is tailored to fit your needs and is adapted to your work-related situation and your private challenges.

Business Coaching with NLP

We believe that leaders and team are the most important resource in any company no matter size or industry. When your company invests in Business Coaching for your employees, your most important recourse will achieve great value.

For more than 15 years, we have delivered a variation of learning methods and techniques, which leaders and teams can relate to in their everyday work life. All methods and techniques are based on the NLP principals.

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Testimonials from clients about Business Coaching

Division Manager Anneli Wiklund, MedTech

I can highly recommend Caj Nyman from Arenaplus as a professional partner when it comes to leadership development. In the coaching session I experienced a powerful balance between support and being challenging in many different situations. It has improved my skills on different levels and has given me new perspectives to reinforce my actions within leadership, strategy and tactics. The investment has been well worth for me, my employees and for the company.

Regional Manager Martin Townsend, MedTech

The training sessions planned and executed by Arenaplus has been refreshingly different to those I’ve taken part in before. Arenaplus manage to discover what is preventing a situation from moving forward and stimulate individuals to not only see the issue but also work out the solution.
The training and guidance has ensured that my presentations now are second to none. I now know how to really capture and engage with my audience. This has made me much more effective in my role and allowed me to confidently present to very large audiences and receive excellent feedback afterwards.
Linda has also assisted me in managing different individuals. The techniques introduced to me has helped me prioritise my actions and time allocation and also how to establish my role as manager of the team

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