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Customers & Cases

Customers & Cases within the MedTech industry has been the main focus of Arenaplus over the past 8 years.

Together with Line Manager & Clinical Specialists we have developed a range of powerful training programs. Using NLP training method together with Business Coaching and Leadership- & Team Development, we inspire and challenge the participants to step out of their comfort zone.

Check out some of our case studies from customers ranging from UK, Benelux to Scandinavian within the MedTech, Retail, Hotel and the Service industry. Read more about Customer Cases & MedTech Sales Training below.

Customer Portfolio

Abbott Coronary & Absorb
Abbott EndoVascular
Abbott Marketing UK & Brussels
Abbott Vascular Structural Heart
Amesto Danmark
Amesto Sverige
Arbetslivsresurs Uppsala
Argon Medical Devices
Best Western
Burger King Copenhagen Airport
Comwell Middelfart
Coop Kvickly
Cooper Surgical
DMC Denmark
DMC Norway
Edwards LifeScience
Euler Hermes

First Hotels
Gavnø Castle
Helen Lucca
Hindsgavl Castle
HMSHost Denmark
Katsorsaavik Nuuk
Konkurrence- og forbrugerstyrelsen
Københavns Kommune
Københavns Kulturcenter
L’Oreal Professionel
Mentorforeningen Middelfart
Middelfart Kommune
Mødrehjælpen (NGO)
NIS (Nordic Insurance Software)
Næstved Turisme A/S
PBN Medicals

Q8 Denmark A/S
Roskilde Tekniske Skole
Sclerose Foreningen (NGO)
Severin Kursuscenter
Sjeldani Boligadministration
Starbucks Copenhagen Airport
Statens Teaterskole
Strøm Store Hellerup
Top Danmark Forsikring
Trio Arkitekter A/S
Uppsala Kommun
Vejle Kommune
Vestas Wind System A/S
Århus Vand

Testimonials from Customers

Martin Townsend

The Regional Manager about

Jacob Lyngsøe

The Cruise Specialist about

paul hodge

The Divisions Manager about

Martin Drescher

The General Manager about

thomas Monby

The Division Manager about


customer & cases abbott

Team Development and MedTech Sales Training

2013 – 2020:   Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Birmingham, Bruxelles & Zurich

We work the Line Managers and Team Members to advance their approach on time management, customer relations and empower their presentations.

By increasing expectations of their personal performance and focusing on the fact that a presentation is one of the most effective and powerful ways to influence customers and sales, we support the teams to advance their performance skills. The result is more focus on QUALITATIVE and less on  QUANTITATIVE, which also release more time for the individuals to work on their personal development.

We use “live customer cases” that relates to their actual situation and focus on the result.

Testimonial from Division Manager Paul Hodge

“Arenaplus approach is different to any other training company I have dealt with so far: they invest the time to sit with me and tailor a training programme to suit my business needs, rather than try to fit my business needs into a predefined training programme (which had been my previous experience).
The PLUS profiles training is highly focused and simple enough to be understood instantly by the team in which to better communicate with our customers and to understand their needs. The training is powerful enough for the team to apply the concepts to their business, and to generate immediate results.
They walks the talk and practices what they preaches. The way they engages with us is the way we learn to engage with our customers. I have had the pleasure of working with Arenaplus since 2013 and I highly recommend them.

customer & cases HMS

Customer Cases & Up-Selling, Retail Industry

2009-2012:  Copenhagen

Business-oriented Communication & Sales Training course for 130 employees in Copenhagen Airport (including Starbucks & Burger King).

The company HMS Host Denmark has approx. 1 minute to complete a customer transaction. The objection was to create a stronger personal contact, to ensure that the customer returns. Ensure a resale every time, despite a pre-stressed situation.

The result was a different way of how to handle the busy customer, both to the company’s and customer’s advantage. Sales increased by more than 5% per ticket compared to the year before.

Testimonial from General Manager Martin Drescher

“Sales have increased by more than 5% per ticket compared to same period last year, thanks to ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena). HMS Host Europe operates including Starbucks, Burger King, The Bar & Grab & Go at Copenhagen Airport. ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena) is currently conducting customized sales training programme for the company’s 130 employees in Copenhagen Airport. The training started in January 2012 and has already shown great results. ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena) has been our company’s established supplier for a couple of years now, when it comes to training and personal development”.

customer rigshospitalet

Service- & Sales Training, Hospital Industry

2012 & 2014:  Copenhagen

40 key employees from Rigshospital,  Service Department completed a 6-day Training Course focusing on: Communication, Service & Internal Relation Building

The goal was to create a shared service experience for the users of Rigshospital’s non-clinical departments.
Prior to start, we conducted individual interviews with the leaders of all departments. Firstly, to get an insight in their daily challenges, but also to get an insight of the staff, from the manager’s point of view. During the programme, the participants succeeded in increasing their awareness of how their own behaviour and relation can have positive affect on others, both internally and externally, regardless of department and job function.

Testimonial from Service Manager Lars Christensen

“ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena) has just completed a training programme for 40 employees in Rigshospitals Service Department. The training programme gave the participants awareness of themselves in relation to type, communication skills, body language which is important and very useful tools. All participants has been extremely satisfied with the training programme and we are already looking forward to our next session. Linda and Caj are both committed and highly competent as trainers”.

customer DMC

Season Kick Off, Cruise Industry

2015-2018:  Bergen

In cooperation with Cruise Insider Specialist Jacob Lyngsøe we deliver intense training- & workshop for Hospitality Guides with focus on:

Cultural Customer Service Expectations – Turnaround Dynamics – Customer Profiling – Communication

A day with practical exercises and tests based on succesful techniques on how to deal with guests in a cruise experience setting. The training- & workshop has been very well received  3 years in a row. Review ratings have found that the hospitality staff has performed above the required standard level and the ratings keep rising.

Testimonial from Cruise Industry Presenter Jacob Lyngsøe

“I was co-presenting with Linda at a customer service workshop and not even a part of the target audience – yet I still found myself getting caught up in Linda’s performance. Authoritative presence, yet disarmingly entertaining. Very good at working extemporaneously off the input of attendees, encouraging feedback and nimbly adjusting to the energy level of the crowd. And her message of the four-pronged people typology was on point, enlightening and memorable. Highly recommended”


Tribe Academy, Hotel Industry

2016 & 2017:  Copenhagen & Gothenberg

Tailored Development Program for 12 Hotel Managers with focus on: Person Profiles, Styles in Leadership & Presentation Technique

The importance of adapting their way of communicating with employees and customers in a more efficient way through the message and managing and still the meet the organizations desired direction. Another result was that responsible executives became aware of how powerful a presentation can be. This was specifically practiced to strengthen their leadership.

As a result, many hotel managers saw a clear improvement in delivering a strong message – which also influenced standard procedures and work management

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