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Facilitation & Consultancy

Using Facilitation & Consultancy assistance helps you to drive your important meetings forward. You can then also attend the brainstorming with a new perspective.

When, where and how to start, can be challenging at times:
– what is the cause and what is the effect?

The most common decision that leaders make, is to postpone a decision. Sometimes it works well, but not always.


Many companies have used Arenaplus to facilitate their business meetings, to help run efficiently and guide the conversations you really want to have. The power of doing this links back to our training techniques and enhancing awareness of other peoples world.

You choose the subject, we deliver the method!


Facilitation & Consultancy

It can be rewarding to use Facilitation & Consultancy assistance for some of your important meetings. This also gives you freedom to participate in discussions on equal terms with the attendees, without having to deal with practical issues.

As the neutral party, we can address sensitive issues in an un-dramatized way that often makes it easier to accept and process. This way you can focus on the outcome of the meeting, while we ensure the structure, efficiency and objectives.

Many of our customers use Facilitation & Consultancy as part of their training- and development program.

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Cause & Effect Model

Testimonials from clients

Division Manager Thomas Monby, MedTech

In my search for external inspiration and input, I found ArenaPlus as a good opportunity to contribute with team building in a new and different way. The business coaching for the team members has worked really well, as it has covered both professional and private areas. This has resulted in an improvement in team performance and supported my management initiatives. Through ArenaPlus we have gained a more homorganic team where work/life balance has been taking into consideration and at the same time contribute positively to the revenue for our business. ArenaPlus has been an important building-block.

Regional Manager Martin Townsend, MedTech

The training sessions planned and executed by Arenaplus has been refreshingly different to those I’ve taken part in before. Arenaplus manage to discover what is preventing a situation from moving forward and stimulate individuals to not only see the issue but also work out the solution.
The training and guidance has ensured that my presentations now are second to none. I now know how to really capture and engage with my audience. This has made me much more effective in my role and allowed me to confidently present to very large audiences and receive excellent feedback afterwards.
Linda has also assisted me in managing different individuals. The techniques introduced to me has helped me prioritise my actions and time allocation and also how to establish my role as manager of the team.