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Leadership- & Team Development

When you can predict how people respond in certain situations, you know how to act and react. This will benefit everybody and inspire people to go the extra mile.

A powerful accomplishment in Leadership- & Team Development.

Let us help you to clarify and establish the potential of your business and how to move forward.

Leadership Development

When you can lead yourself, you can lead others!

If you can predict how your team respond in certain situations, you will know how to act and react. You will also have a better foundation to lead them in the right direction. The result for your team will be more joy, greater motivation and a desire to go the extra mile.

This will strengthen your skills to navigate as a leader and improve your Leadership- & Team Development as a whole.

Team Development

How do you create the best and most effective team?

Through our proven coaching and training programs, we take your team on an inspiring journey and help them understand and communicate better with customers, colleagues and management.

Your team will develop a deeper insight of themselves and how to advance in collaboration with others.

When we step into the world of other people, we need to become conscious about their world which is very different from our own.

This is the process that we go through together with you to create the most impactful training and coaching program possible to meet your needs.

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Leadership Development

Team Development

Conflict Management

Relations Sales Training

Time Management

Presentation Skills Training


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Leadership- & Team Development Case

2013 – 2018:   Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Birmingham, Bruxelles & Zurich

Leadership- & Team Development program where we worked with Line Managers and team members to advance their approach in customer relations and empower their presentations skills.

By increasing expectations of their personal performance and focusing on the fact that a presentation is one of the most effective and powerful ways to influence customers and sales, we support the teams to advance their performance skills. The result is more focus on QUALITATIVE and less on  QUANTITATIVE, which also release more time for the individuals to work on their personal development.

Testimonial from Division Manager Thomas Monby

In my search for external inspiration and input, I found ArenaPlus as a good opportunity to contribute with team building in a new and different way. The business coaching for the team members has worked really well, as it has covered both professional and private areas. This has resulted in an improvement in team performance and supported my management initiatives. Through ArenaPlus we have gained a more homorganic team where work/life balance has been taking into consideration and at the same time contribute positively to the revenue for our business. ArenaPlus has been an important building-block.

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