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Linda Bech & Caj Nyman


Arenaplus Linda Bech og Caj Nyman
Linda Bech & Caj Nyman has 36 years 
experiences a team, when it comes to Business Coaching, Leadership- & Team Development

We have a proven track record of inspiring and supporting people and companies, to reach their goal and exceed own expectations. We do this by identifying inviduals needs for development and combine this with the company’s need for growth.

Feedback shows that 
Linda Bech & Caj Nyman has the ability to see the world from the participant perspective, based on their reality, which encourage them to investigate the possibilities.

The magic happens when we step out of our comfort zone.


Linda Bech & Caj Nyman Timeline


Company Start

Linda and Caj become partners in 2004. The vision is to cover a larger area of Sales- and Personal Performance in both Denmark and Sweden.


Participant No. 5000

In 2010, we welcome participant no. 5000 in a competence development project designet for Rigshospitalet Service Staff


New Branding

Our new name, ArenaPlus, is in response to the growing international beyond the Scandianvian market, especially from the Medical Industry


Online Univers

New times requires new effort. Due to covid-19 we now have online coaching and online learning on own secure platform.

Caj Nyman
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Caj’s passion and main focus are in regards to the human resource that is available in the organization, with respect to both managers and employees comes from his bagground as CEO and as a Consultant for several years.

As a mentor and coach, Caj helps you to discover new perspectives on specific areas. This creates a good and stable foundation for future development. By creating a good and relaxed atmosphere in training and coaching situations, the motivation and engagement of the participants are maximized, often leading to quick results.

In addition to University degree in Business Administration, Caj is also a certified NLP Practitioner.

Key skills

Course & Effect Management
Focus Management
Senior Leadership Development
Presentation Technique Training
Team Development
Innovation Processes
Training Programs & Facilitation
NLP Coaching


Caj’s philosophies when it comes to training and coaching is: “It’s not what you say, that is most important – but what people remember.”


Linda Bech
+45 26 84 21 20

Linda is an expert in relation sales, follow up strategies and presentation technique. Together with Linda you will ways to approach a problem or situation from new angles and find smarter ways to work, often by sharing best practice, that reinforces good habits and eliminate bad habits. Linda support you and your team in discovering what is preventing a situation from moving forward and stimulates you to not only see the issue but also work out the solution.

Linda’s expertise in relationship selling comes directly both from her own professional career in the travel industry and from her training experience. Linda is always excited to see the positive results of applying and teaching the skills and techniques she has mastered to help her customers impact their own business.

Key skills

Leadership Development
Concept Development & Implementation
Presentation Technique Training
Team Development
Customer Relations- & Sales
Innovation Processes
Training Programs & Facilitation

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