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Coaching & Sparring

Opens for new learning and insight in own potential

You become conscious of the unconscious and activate the creative intelligence. It increases your competences and ownership – both on a professionally and personal level.

You might already have all the answer without knowing it,
– in that case we coach you!

You might be looking for answers to your questions,
– in that case we spare with you!

The goal for personal development through interviews is to work with you without a predetermined plan. This gives you great opportunities to twist and turn thoughts, ideas and perceptions with a neutral Coach/Mentor.

Example of a coaching process

Status on the personal level and professional level?
How many roles do you have?
How do you enjoy your different roles?
What is your goal for the next 3-5 years?
What skills do you which to improve?
Analysis and investment

The program is tailored to fit your needs and is adapted to your work-related and your private challenges.
Everything is done at your pace.

Coaching and sparring help you towards the goal

We are specialized in Business Coaching, Personal Development & Sparring. 

Over the past 10 years, we have developed unique competencies to identify the individual employee’s need for development and link this perfectly together with the company’s need for growth.

Feedback from clients

“Linda’s guidance has enabled me to become much more effective in my role, giving me the tools and confidence to present to very large audiences, and also to seek feedback afterwards. The feedback has been excellent. The techniques Linda has introduced me to have helped me prioritise my actions, manage my time, identify different personality types (and strategies to work with them), and also helped me establish my position as manager of a team” – Regional Manager Martin Townsend, Medical Industry

“In my search for external inspiration and input, I found ArenaPlus as a good opportunity to contribute with team building in a new and different way. The business coaching for the team members has worked really well, as it has covered both professional and private areas. This has resulted in an improvement in team performance and supported my management initiatives. Through ArenaPlus we have gained a more homorganic team where work/life balance has been taking into consideration and at the same time contribute positively to the revenue for our business. ArenaPlus has been an important building-block” – Business Unit Manager Thomas Monby, Medical Industry

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