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Leadership Development

When you can lead yourself, you can lead others!

If you can predict how your employees respond in certain situations, you will know how to act and react. You will also have a better foundation to lead them
in the direction you want.

Many managers and leaders tend to go too much in details and unconsciously remove themselves from the leading role. This can create frustrations and cost inefficient for the organization in the long run.

How do you manage yourself?
How do you manage others?

Your role as leader you have the advantage of delegating and thereby give your employees a sense of responsibility, increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence. Does your follow-up phase works well and do you give meaningful feedback.


Long Term or Short Term
There are many different factors that can “push you over”. Are you structured based on a long-term plan? Or do you often end up putting our fires daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?

Being proactive and seeing the problems before they arise is the leader’s primary task.


Lack of resources
Time that just disappears and employees who do not meet your requirements – is everyday for a leader.

Different situations require different leadership roles.
Different management roles require flexibility.
Flexibility requires self-trust and trusting the employees.

Your surroundings characterize your everyday life, and by making your day more efficient, you can realize your goals.

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Team Development

How do you create the best and most effective team?

In order to understand others and their needs, we must know their values. The result is more joy, greater motivation and a desire to go the extra mile.

We take your team on an inspiring and motivational journey into understanding of why we humans react and act differently.

By understanding the difference between yourself and others, you have a good chance of leading the situation in the direction you want.

In communication with other people there are several factors that can affect the final result. To be able to understand others, we need to be aware of their behavior.

What are their interests?
What is important to them – and what is not important?
How does our own behavior fit together with their behavior?
And how can we communicate to be even more observant other’s needs?

If we truly step into the world of other people, we will experience the world from an angle that is very different from our own.


This method can be used successfully when creating a team, in project management, personal development and in leadership.

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Conflict Management

Affects the enviroment and the ability to focus

Conflicts often affect the actual goals and visions, both for the individual employees and the organization as a whole. “The difficult conversation” and conflicts often goes hand in hand and are two major areas that require the right understanding and the correct technique.

The techniques we use gives you a new angle to the subject. You get a good theoretical insight into different conversational techniques. The practical exercises are based on your daily work.

What is a conflict?
What do we fear?
Which components is part of a conflict?
How do we ensure, that the conversation isn’t controlled by emotions
How do we ensure a positive experience for both parties?


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Presentation Technique Training

It’s not important what you say – It is what people remember!

Presentation technique can open up for great opportunities! To be heard and to deliver your ideas and thoughts with perfection and accuracy.

When you have the right tools, you dare to take it to the next level and you will discover new aspects of your skills.


We push you to challange your personal performance and focus on the presentation as an effective and unique opportunity to influence your audience.

We focus on your awareness of the preparation process and how much it can affect the outcome. Your interest and curiosity increases and your personal performance skills will be significantly improved.

We help you eliminate the insecurity and uncertainty. What previously seemed difficult to achieve will seem more smooth and be a part of your personal development.

We use the 80/20 rule in the preparation process.



The training sessions planned and executed by Arenaplus has been refreshingly different to those I’ve taken part in before. Arenaplus manage to discover what is preventing a situation from moving forward and stimulate individuals to not only see the issue but also work out the solution.
The training and guidance has ensured that my presentations now are second to none. I now know how to really capture and engage with my audience. This has made me much more effective in my role and allowed me to confidently present to very large audiences and receive excellent feedback afterwards.

Martin Townsend, Medical Industry

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Sales Training

We do business with people we like!

We need to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable and trustworthy. These are important building blocks to establish a safe and creative in customer relations.

In sales there are several factors that can have influence on the final result.

The role we consciously choose in a specific situation (specialist, informer, sales person etc.) affects the result.

Psychology in Sales
How we influence others with our own personality?
How we ensure that others feel safe and thrive in our presence?

The technique
The sales technique and the idea is the same, whether it is a performance or a product. What most often varies is the procedure. By being aware of the way we act in a current situation, we automatically become more secure in our sales role.

We need to have an in-depth insight into the customer’s needs, thereby gaining a better focus to present the right solution to the customer. Also, look into how the customer reacts in different situations and how we easily address the customer’s needs.