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About Coaching & Leadership Development


I have had the pleasure of being coached by Linda and what development I have undergone. Linda has challenged me at a comfortable pace. She has left attentive traces in my subconscious, both professionally and privately. I have built up so much self-confidence that I have become a supervisor and feel very comfortable in my role. I would not be where I am today if it were not for Linda’s ability to build up my self-confidence and help me to step out of my comfort zone. 


camilla kørvel

Camilla Kørvel
Supervisor Fundraising

Om Salgstræning & persontyper


Had the pleasure of experiencing Linda on a workshop about Customer profiling. I have previously worked with DISC, but the way Linda works with their customer profiling is very straightforward and clearly easier to understand. Linda deliver the message in a fun, different and serious way. I can only give my best recommendations.

Jacob steffensen

Jacob Steffensen
Sales Manager, Direct Marketing

About Customer Relations Training & Coaching


Working with ArenaPlus, I have learned a lot about myself and how I connect with others. I have also learned the importance of how to use different approaches, this has developed my communication to customers, colleagues and management. ArenaPlus has provided me with tools on how to be to plan and structure my customer meetings better, in a way that works very effectively. I use all tools provided, especially how to approach different customers, so I focus on their needs and not what I think they need.

Kjersti Andreassen

Kjersti Andreassen
Territory Manager, MedTech

About Facilitation and Co-Presenting


I was co-presenting with Linda at a customer service workshop and not even a part of the target audience – yet I still found myself getting caught up in Linda’s performance. Authoritative presence, yet disarmingly entertaining. Very good at working extemporaneously off the input of attendees, encouraging feedback and nimbly adjusting to the energy level of the crowd. And her message of the four-pronged people typology was on point, enlightening and memorable. Highly recommended.

Jacob Lyngsøe

Jacob Lyngsøe
CEO, Cruise Hospitality

About Tailormade Training Programs & Coaching


In my search for external inspiration and input, I found ArenaPlus as a good opportunity to contribute with team building in a new and different way. The business coaching for the team members has worked really well, as it has covered both professional and private areas. This has resulted in an improvement in team performance and supported my management initiatives. Through ArenaPlus we have gained a more homorganic team where work/life balance has been taking into consideration and at the same time contribute positively to the revenue for our business. ArenaPlus has been an important building-block.

thomas Monby

Thomas Monby
Division Manager, MedTech

About Presentation Skills Training & Coaching


The training sessions planned and executed by Arenaplus has been refreshingly different to those I’ve taken part in before. Arenaplus manage to discover what is preventing a situation from moving forward and stimulate individuals to not only see the issue but also work out the solution.
The training and guidance has ensured that my presentations now are second to none. I now know how to really capture and engage with my audience. This has made me much more effective in my role and allowed me to confidently present to very large audiences and receive excellent feedback afterwards.
Linda has also assisted me in managing different individuals. The techniques introduced to me has helped me prioritise my actions and time allocation and also how to establish my role as manager of the team.

Martin Townsend

Martin Townsend
Regional Manager, MedTech

About Tailormade Training Programs


I have had the pleasure of working with Arenaplus since 2013.
Arenaplus approach is different to any other training company I have dealt with so far: they invest the time to sit with me and tailor a training programme to suit my business needs, rather than try to fit my business needs into a predefined training programme (which had been my previous experience).
The PLUS profiles training is highly focused and simple enough to be understood instantly by the team in which to better communicate with our customers and to understand their needs. The training is powerful enough for the team to apply the concepts to their business, and to generate immediate results. Arenaplus walks the talk and practices what they preaches. The way they engages with us is the way we learn to engage with our customers. I highly recommend Arenaplus

paul hodge

Paul Hodge
Division Manager, MedTech

About Tailormade Training Programs


Sales have increased by more than 5% per ticket compared to same period last year, thanks to ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena). HMS Host Europe operates including Starbucks, Burger King, The Bar & Grab & Go at Copenhagen Airport. ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena) is currently conducting customized sales training programme for the company’s 130 employees in Copenhagen Airport. The training started in January 2012 and has already shown great results. ArenaPlus has been our company’s established supplier for a couple of years now, when it comes to training and personal development

Martin Drescher

Martin Drescher
Managing Director, Retail


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