We inspire leaders and teams through personal performance

Our coaching and training programs are made to fit the individual and also meet the company’s need for growth. 

Identifying the skills of the individual in the team and aligning this with the company’s goals and strategy, will generate value for the organization’s growth, as well as for the individual on a personal level.

Collectively, we bring many years of experience when it comes to leadership development, team development, and coaching, making us well-prepared to assist you and your team in overcoming challenges.

The magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone

Feedback confirms that we excel in the art of seeing the world from the participants’ perspective, investing the time to create a comfortable environment for the participants, and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone to gain new perspectives.

Online Business Coaching

Fulfill your full potential, bolster your self-confidence, and reinforce your competencies. Coaching offers insights into the subconscious and empowers your self-esteem.

Leadership Development

Enhance Your Leadership with Focused Leadership Development.
We equip you with tools to navigate complex challenges, lead teams efficiently, and foster an inspiring team culture.

Team Development

Optimize your team. Cultivate a team that masters communication and effective collaboration. Let’s explore strategies for your team to achieve collective success.

How we work

We identify

In order to comprehend your company’s distinct requirements and culture, we initiate with a thorough analysis. Through precise identification, we customize the training and coaching program to align with your specific challenges and goals

We simplify

Simplicity is key and the cornerstone of efficient development and implementation. Our training and coaching programs are user-friendly and fit to integrate with your business model and your daily routines. We ensure that the acquired knowledge easily translates into practical application, maintaining relevance in your everyday work.

We analyse

We allocate time to understanding cause and effect within your specific context. By linking learning to tangible actions and results, we create a direct influence on your business’s development and success.

We have fun

The learning experience should be engaging and inspiring. We incorporate interactivity and enjoyable elements that enhance the effectiveness of learning while making it both pleasant and memorable.

We follow up

We are dedicated to assisting you and your team in your learning journey and the company’s growth. We maintain regular follow-ups to ensure that the implemented methods and models consistently deliver value and drive positive transformations.

Let’s inspire you

Regardless of the challenge or dilemma you encounter, we are here to provide valuable guidance. Whether it’s through coaching, communication, collaboration, team optimizing, conflict management, leadership development, or any other topic, we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Caj Nyman

It’s not what you say that matters – what matters is what people remember you’ve said!

Caj is a passionate expert with deep insights in leadership- and team development.

As a mentor and coach, he is dedicated to helping you discover new perspectives and grow in specific areas, establishing a strong foundation for your future development.

Caj believes in creating a positive and relaxed atmosphere during courses and coaching sessions, enhancing participants’ motivation and engagement.

Linda Bech

We often underestimate our capabilities, missing the chance to unlock our true potential!

Linda is a dedicated coach with expertise in presentation skills, team development, and conflict management.

Linda is committed to helping you and your team find innovative solutions and overcome obstacles. She possesses a unique ability to challenge you to view issues from alternative perspectives and work more effectively.

Linda is focused on achieving positive results and shares valuable skills and techniques that assist leader, teams, and clients in reaching their goals.

A selection of clients:

Abbott Laboratories Ltd
Edwards LifeScience
National Museet
Odense Kommune
Trio Arkiteter A/S
Ålands Handelkammare

“The training and guidance has ensured that my presentations now are second to none. I now know how to really capture and engage with my audience. This has made me much more effective in my role and allowed me to confidently present to very large audiences and receive excellent feedback afterwards.
Linda has also assisted me in managing different individuals. The techniques introduced to me has helped me prioritise my actions and time allocation and also how to establish my role as manager of the team.”

Martin Townsend

Regional Manager

“Sales have increased by more than 5% per ticket compared to same period last year, thanks to ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena). HMS Host Europe operates including Starbucks, Burger King, The Bar & Grab & Go at Copenhagen Airport. ArenaPlus (Mulighedernes Arena) is currently conducting customized sales training programme for the company’s 130 employees in Copenhagen Airport. The training started in January 2012 and has already shown great results. ArenaPlus has been our company’s established supplier for a couple of years now, when it comes to training and personal development.”

Martin Drescher

Managing Director

“In my search for external inspiration and input, I found ArenaPlus as a good opportunity to contribute with team building in a new and different way. The business coaching for the team members has worked really well, as it has covered both professional and private areas. This has resulted in an improvement in team performance and supported my management initiatives. Through ArenaPlus we have gained a more homorganic team where work/life balance has been taking into consideration and at the same time contribute positively to the revenue for our business. ArenaPlus has been an important building-block.”

Thomas Monby

Division Manager